Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast Kebobs

Great on the BBQ! Made In-Store.

SO Delicious Oat Milk Frozen Desserts.

It’s not just delicious. It’s SOO delicious! Meet your spoon’s new best friend. Crafted with smooth, creamy oats and blended with thoughtfully chosen flavour, every spoonful is taste-bud approved. Peanut Butter and Raspberry. Oatmeal Cookie. Oh, and did we mention it’s gluten-free?

King Mesh Produce Bag

Environmentally friendly and eco-friendly to reduce your carbon footprint. No plastic packaging. Made of 100% cotton. Do your part to reduce single use plastic one bag at a time.

Boulart Take & Bake Ciabatta Baguettes

Distinctly delicious and proudly Canadian, Boulart Ciabatta baguettes and demi baguettes contain no additives, no preservatives and no added sugar. Made with simple, high quality ingredients and long fermentation times by bakers obsessed with creating outstanding artisan breads. Individually wrapped and ready to take home and bake in your oven for a fresh baked, authentic taste.

Sesmark Crackers

Sesmark is committed to making snacking healthy. Their crackers help you make delicious, satisfying and nutritious choices. With many distinctive flavours and gluten free options, Sesmark has a taste for every palate. Made from all natural ingredients and always delicious!