Seafood Sustainability

Buy-Low Foods is committed to making sure our Seafood Departments promote and carry the most sustainable and ocean-friendly options.

Since 2013 we have worked with SeaChoice; an organization helping Canadian businesses and shoppers take an active role in supporting sustainable seafood at all levels of the supply chain. In 2018 we became an official Ocean Wise partner. Through our partnership with this global conservation organization we continually monitor and improve our seafood sustainability and traceability efforts.

Buy-Low Foods is committed to procuring all its private label/national brand fresh and frozen seafood products from traceable sources. Since 2015 all fresh and frozen seafood products sold in our stores come from Ocean Wise recommended sources, Seafood Watch "Good Alternative" or "Best Choice" sources or from fisheries and farms engaged in credible improvement projects.

In 2015 we became the first North American retailer to replace all red-listed Seafood Watch “Avoid” products in our fresh and frozen departments with ocean-friendly alternatives. Additionally Buy-Low Foods and its corporate affiliates is the only major Canadian retailer that does not sell any open net-pen farmed Atlantic salmon due to the sustainability concerns surrounding this practice.